Best of Planetarium 2021, Pt. 1

Once again, I am very pleased to showcase an extended selection of my favourites from the past year. With this first retrospective on 2021, I am also celebrating the 350th mix release on Planetarium!
However, this year there will be four sets in total with the first two sets covering the amazing releases published up until the end of June 2021, because there simply is and was too much to catch up to. My new discoveries up to here include Arooj Aftab, Tomasz Mreńca, Lamasz, James McAlister and The Broken Cradle. With 15 out of 25 tracks being first-time plays (premieres), this set hopefully justifies the long wait since the last Planetarium release.
This first part also contains no tracks that I have used for Neptunian, so I decided to also use an excerpt from this set as the January 2022 edition for FRISKY Radio.

The second part will be available in limited release next week.
The third and fourth retrospective will cover the second half of 2021, but will probably only see the light of day around July 2022.

Best of Planetarium 2021, Pt. 1
Planetarium Mixes Catalogue ID: p350
Limited Select release on January 14, 2022
FRISKY CHILL broadcast from January 23, 2022
Wide release on February 11, 2022
Releases covered up to June 30, 2021
Image by : Markus Spiske

Start # Artist Title Album Year Label PA
00:00 01 zakè & Isaac Helsen Journey Note beliefsystems 2021 Past Inside the Present
05:11 02 Hiatus People in Buildings Distancer 2021 Lucky Thunder
09:24 03 The Broken Cradle A Question for Every Answer You Are Here and I Am Yours 2021 The Broken Cradle
14:23 04 Omni Three Notes tʌntrə XIII 2021 Neotantra L10
21:02 05 36 & Awakened Souls Past Self The Other Side of Darkness 2021 Past Inside the Present
25:40 06 Alaskan Tapes One Thousand (Mighty) Voices For Us Alone 2021 Alaskan Tapes G16
28:26 07 Andrew Tasselmyer Voices Piano Frameworks 2021 Disintegration State
31:58 08 Mehrdad Kanani Nerves and Veins Forgotten Conversation 2021 Dewtone L9
36:06 09 James McAlister Portrait Scissortail 2021 37d03d
41:33 10 zakè & City of Dawn Galassia The Silence Beneath the Bark 2021 Compilation 2021 Elm J14
45:56 11 Andrew Tasselmyer Outgrowth Piano Frameworks 2021 Disintegration State G16
51:45 12 Marine Eyes Roses All Alone Idyll 2021 Stereoscenic
54:35 13 anthéne & Simon McCorry Lucid The Equation of Time 2021 whitelab
1:00:14 14 zakè & Isaac Helsen Northern Cross beliefsystems 2021 Past Inside the Present
1:13:00 15 Rinnovare feat. Benoît Pioulard To Be in the Grey is Okay Meditations 6 2021 Shimmering Moods J15
1:16:40 16 Tomasz Mreńca North Wind Echo 2021 Kayax
1:21:21 17 Arooj Aftab feat. Darian Donovan Thomas Baghon Main Vulture Prince 2021 New Amsterdam
1:27:49 18 Steve Good Cumulonimbus Something That Never Existed 2021 Steve Good J16
1:34:37 19 zakè Minaret (City of Dawn Remix) RMX 2021 Zakè Drone
1:46:44 20 Lamasz Dernière Succession Successions 2021 giraffe tapes
1:50:09 21 Carlos Ferreira & Almanacs Imprevisto La Deriva 2021 giraffe tapes
1:54:05 22 DJ Lostboi Esprit SE Untitled 2021 Lost
1:57:50 23 Steve Good Rising Something That Never Existed 2021 Steve Good L10
2:06:13 24 David Cordero with Miguel Otero The Process Lambda: {λ} 2021 Home Normal J16
2:11:18 25 anthéne Not Sleeping Away from Your Shadow 2021 Home Normal J13

PA = Previously appeared in a mix.
01, 07, 10-11, 13-20 and 25 are not part of the FRISKY CHILL broadcast and exclusive to the Mixcloud edition.

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