Küstenlinie, Pt. 3

Back from an unannounced hiatus on the channel with more follow-up mixes to multi-part editions! Other things are keeping me very busy at the moment, but I hope to be able to deliver the goods on a more regular basis starting this week.

Neptunian 80, Pt. 3
Planetarium Mixes Catalogue ID: p375
Limited Select release on January 17, 2023
FRISKY CHILL broadcast from January 22, 2023
Wide release on February 17, 2023
Releases covered up to October 31, 2021
Image by : Jeremy Bezanger

Start # Artist Title Album Year Label
00:00 01 The Broken Cradle A Prayer Given You Are Here and I Am Yours 2021 The Broken Cradle
04:10 02 Endless Melancholy Under Rising Tides Distant Shores 2021 The Outlaw Ocean
07:09 03 Chamberfield Cala del Mar Over Helvetia 2020 Chamberfield
10:09 04 Hiatus For Now For Now (Roaming Soundtrack) 2021 Lucky Thunder
14:41 05 From the Mouth of the Sun For a Moment We Were Weightless Light Caught the Edges 2021 Lost Tribe
19:41 06 Odalie Les Hybres Derrière l’Écran 2021 TELESKOP
27:11 07 Blank Embrace fades elixir 2021 Blank Embrace
33:23 08 Simon Dobson Thread MDCNL 2021 Lo
45:16 09 Pieter De Graaf In Circles Equinox 2021 Masterworks
50:16 10 Simon Wester The Narrow Path Echoes in the Valley, Vol. 4 2021 Echoes in the Valley
53:44 11 IKSRE feat. Diego Villalta It’s Quiet at the Edge of the Universe III 2021 Hush Hush
57:26 12 Steven Kemner Loop (City of Dawn Recycle) Sustain Series, Vol. 2 2021 Ambientologist
1:02:20 13 Delectatio Lacuna Onism 2021 Delectatio
1:08:25 14 Six Missing The Stress of It Patricia 2021 Inner Ocean
1:15:31 15 awakened souls & From Overseas Rise (zakè & City of Dawn Remix) Keep the Orange Sun (Reworks) 2021 Past Inside the Present
1:22:01 16 Peter Gregson Cluster Patina 2021 Deutsche Grammophon

06: Additional credits: Paolo Rezze
13-16 are exclusive to the Mixcloud edition.

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