Planetarium is back from its summer break. We’re starting off with a long-overdue renewal of the beloved Geophon series, this time with lush folk-, electro-acoustic and post-rock summer vibes in the first half and more serious modern classical works in the second half, while ambient takes a background role. I’m looking forward to bringing plenty of new sets to Select subscribers in the coming weeks.

Geophon 14
Planetarium Mixes Catalogue ID: p334
Limited Select release on July 9, 2021
Wide release on July 26, 2021
Releases covered up to February 15, 2021
Image by Sascha Duensing

Start # Artist Title Album Year Label
00:00 01 Ishmael Cormack Side A The Sunday Project 2020 Ishmael Cormack
05:31 02 Michael Grigoni, Chihei Hatakeyama & Stephen Vitiello Breeze Rises Earth Awhile 2021 White Paddy Mountain
11:10 03 Voga feat. Jacob LaVallee Mirror Masquerade 2020 Voga
15:16 04 Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie How to Disappear Inside a Thirty Piece Orchestra Ambient Layers 2020 7K!
18:27 05 Ralph Kinsella Anonyme Abstraction EP 2020 8D Industries
24:27 06 Allred & Broderick The Foghorn What the Fog 2021 dauw
33:00 07 The Green Kingdom Saint Lawrence Springhill 2020 Hidden Vibes
36:34 08 Illuminine Take 1 – Patterns Baptism of Solitude 2020 Ferryhouse
39:07 09 Francisco Sonur Greetblame Morning Trials 2021 Time Released Sound
43:57 10 Sophie Hutchings & Julia Kent Three Layers of Light THESIS 06 2018 Thesis Project
49:34 11 Aaron Martin Roots Fall into the River Invisible 2020 Preserved Sound
52:05 12 Adrian Lane An Occasional Hushed Word Invisible 2020 Preserved Sound
56:02 13 Derek Hunter Wilson Pyrrhic Pyrrhic 2020 Derek Hunter Wilson
1:01:35 14 Joshua van Tassel Their Love Was Alive Before They Were Dead Dance Music, Vol. 2 (More Songs for Slow Motion) 2020 Backward
1:04:42 15 Andrew Heath The Romance of Travel Ennio’s Muse 2021 whitelab
1:11:30 16 Vincent DiFrancesco Borne Borne 2020 Vincent DiFrancesco
1:15:26 17 Mark Peters & Clem Leek Half Day THESIS 19 2020 Thesis Project
1:19:45 18 Lau Nau & Matti Bye Île Disparue Signals 2020 Time Released Sound
1:22:04 19 Sven Laux The Sketchbook Ennio’s Muse 2021 whitelab

Michael McGarrity + Planetarium – Klippenpfade

It’s been a year since my ambient music neighbour Michael McGarrity appeared on Planetarium and FRISKY CHILL’s Neptunian with his guest mix. We decided a follow-up is long overdue, so he came up with an exciting new format: Sending the mix back and forth between each other after each track (technically, sometimes two). This new form of collaborative set is what I now labelled Interplanetar. This exquisite first edition was first aired on Michael’s FRISKY CHILL show Wander earlier this month. We both added a few more tracks at the end to extend it to around 75 minutes and “Klippenpfade” (cliff paths), exploring both classics and 2021 releases at the same time, is the result.

Michael McGarrity + Planetarium – Klippenpfade (Interplanetar 1)
FRISKY CHILL broadcast (Wander) from May 9, 2021
Planetarium Mixes Catalogue ID: p333
Wide release on May 28, 2021
Image by : Soff Garavano Puw

Start # Artist Title Album Year Label Sel
00:00 01 Mathieu Karsenti Twenty Seven Bygones 2020 Slowcraft P
04:30 02 ILUITEQ Springtime Return Soundtracks for Winter Departures 2019 TXT M
09:42 03 Private Mountain Transience STRATUMI (СТРАТУМИ) 2020 Élan Vital P
14:06 04 Purl A Brighter Dream Renovatio 2020 Archives M
16:43 05 Ishmael Cormack Side B The Sunday Project 2020 Ishmael Cormack P
18:10 06 Marine Eyes On This Fresh Morning Idyll 2021 Stereoscenic M
21:15 07 Marine Eyes Shortest Day (Reprise) Idyll 2021 Stereoscenic M
24:45 08 Wodwo Diastereo Chematica 2020 Wodwo P
28:13 09 Jupi/ter The Worm Islands, Pt. 2 2021 Ambientologist M
30:53 10 Sachi Kobayashi Shimmer More Than Just a Dream 2020 Stereoscenic M
32:35 11 Luis Miehlich Spring Haiku 1 Silences 2018 Archives P
36:55 12 Anthéne Whatever Fire is Burning A Light, a Glimmer 2018 Polar Seas P
40:35 13 Rhian Sheehan Between Us and the Dying Starlight A Quiet Divide 2018 LOOP M
44:38 14 Hammock Valkenburgh Columbus (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 2017 Hammock P
48:38 15 A Home For Ghosts Hireath Hireath 2020 Rusted Tone M
55:01 16 Slow Meadow Grey Cloud Lullaby Slow Meadow (Deluxe Edition) 2016 Hammock P
58:52 17 Aaron Martin & Dag Rosenqvist Closing Menashe (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 2017 Wayfind M
1:03:40 18 Hotel Neon 6:59 AM (Slow Meadow Remix) Context: Remixed 2017 Facture P
1:08:56 19 Poemme Forest Hymn Moments in Golden Light 2018 Poemme M
1:12:11 20 Micah Frank Pine Ridge Cambria 2021 Micah Frank M

Sel : Selected by (M) Michael McGarrity, (P) Planetarium.

02 previously appeared on N50.
04 previously appeared on N65.
11 and 19 previously appeared on P100.
12 previously appeared on BOP18a, N37 and P90.
14 previously appeared on P81.
16 previously appeared on R5, BOP15b and P29.
18 previously appeared on BOP17c and P74.
17-20 are not part of the FRISKY CHILL broadcast.