Planetarium is back from its summer break. We’re starting off with a long-overdue renewal of the beloved Geophon series, this time with lush folk-, electro-acoustic and post-rock summer vibes in the first half and more serious modern classical works in the second half, while ambient takes a background role. I’m looking forward to bringing plenty of new sets to Select subscribers in the coming weeks.

Geophon 14
Planetarium Mixes Catalogue ID: p334
Limited Select release on July 9, 2021
Wide release on July 26, 2021
Releases covered up to February 15, 2021
Image by Sascha Duensing

Start # Artist Title Album Year Label
00:00 01 Ishmael Cormack Side A The Sunday Project 2020 Ishmael Cormack
05:31 02 Michael Grigoni, Chihei Hatakeyama & Stephen Vitiello Breeze Rises Earth Awhile 2021 White Paddy Mountain
11:10 03 Voga feat. Jacob LaVallee Mirror Masquerade 2020 Voga
15:16 04 Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie How to Disappear Inside a Thirty Piece Orchestra Ambient Layers 2020 7K!
18:27 05 Ralph Kinsella Anonyme Abstraction EP 2020 8D Industries
24:27 06 Allred & Broderick The Foghorn What the Fog 2021 dauw
33:00 07 The Green Kingdom Saint Lawrence Springhill 2020 Hidden Vibes
36:34 08 Illuminine Take 1 – Patterns Baptism of Solitude 2020 Ferryhouse
39:07 09 Francisco Sonur Greetblame Morning Trials 2021 Time Released Sound
43:57 10 Sophie Hutchings & Julia Kent Three Layers of Light THESIS 06 2018 Thesis Project
49:34 11 Aaron Martin Roots Fall into the River Invisible 2020 Preserved Sound
52:05 12 Adrian Lane An Occasional Hushed Word Invisible 2020 Preserved Sound
56:02 13 Derek Hunter Wilson Pyrrhic Pyrrhic 2020 Derek Hunter Wilson
1:01:35 14 Joshua van Tassel Their Love Was Alive Before They Were Dead Dance Music, Vol. 2 (More Songs for Slow Motion) 2020 Backward
1:04:42 15 Andrew Heath The Romance of Travel Ennio’s Muse 2021 whitelab
1:11:30 16 Vincent DiFrancesco Borne Borne 2020 Vincent DiFrancesco
1:15:26 17 Mark Peters & Clem Leek Half Day THESIS 19 2020 Thesis Project
1:19:45 18 Lau Nau & Matti Bye Île Disparue Signals 2020 Time Released Sound
1:22:04 19 Sven Laux The Sketchbook Ennio’s Muse 2021 whitelab

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