Planetarium now weekly, acquires LEIMLAB

What was originally planned for next year has been preponed to late summer. Planetarium as a channel received tremendous support from you in 2015. This is why I’m starting to release new uploads every week. You might think that will affect the quality of each mix, but I won’t produce more than usual. This is because Helioscope, on the other hand, has not at all risen in popularity despite having been the main focus up until now.

Starting next Monday (August 10), Wednesdays will be reserved for Planetarium. That means, every third week has a new main episode in store for you. On every 3rd (or sometimes 2nd) Wednesday of each month, the new Neptunian format will see the light of day.
The Ultimate Space Experience will return from its hiatus and just moved from Helioscope to Planetarium. New LEIMLAB mixes will occur semi-monthly on 4th Wednesdays. A special debut mix (the 6th in the LEIMLAB catalogue) entitled Gefion is set for September 2 release.
Release specials, seasonal specials and other stuff will fill in the voids. Up next are libelle (Helios LP) and cassiopeia (Max Richter compilation) to be available end of September.

Fridays will still be the release day for new Distant and more recently Turbobache mixes with the latter obviously getting more attention in the coming months. Wipe Out, a Heads Above follow-up, will be released August 21. Finishing off this month will be Bache In Vegas, the third Pier Pressure (aka A Beauty and the Beach) mix.
As you might know, the first Tribute To Hotline Miami has recently surpassed Going South on viewer counts and now is my overall most played/popular upload. Naturally, there’s gonna be a sixth volume called Raw Courage very soon. Stay tuned for the autumn schedule!

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