Helioscope Discoveries Issue No. 7

Fluida (?) {London, UK} [231]
Akuratyde (Daniel Eshleman) {Los Angeles, USA} [190]
Round (Torsten Lindsø Andersen) {Copenhagen, Denmark} [595]
Si Tew (Simon Tew) {London, UK} [1460]
(ghost) (Brian Froh) {Denver, USA} [682]
Pablie aka Sau Poler (Pau Soler Medina) {Barcelona, Spain} [140]
Richard Ginns {Manchester} [325]
Cubenx (Cesar Urbina) {Berlin, Germany} [2448]
Despine {Melbourne, Australia} [110]
arandel (?) {France} [2443]
Persona (Jared Rieger) {Sydney, Australia} [116]
Slow Clinic (James Armstrong) {Durham, UK} [252]
Shenoda (Laurie Shenoda) {London, UK} [7741]
Sure-I-Can (?) {Estonia} [536]
Makaseo (Michael Seo) {Cupertino, USA} [400]
Wolves & Horses (Christian Saint-Viteux) {Lebbeke, Belgium} [324]
Lesh (?) {London, UK} [277]
Three Machines (Tarek Majdalani & Sleiman Damien) {Beirut, Lebanon} [386]
Denzel + Huhn (Bertram Denzel & Erik Huhn) {Berlin, Germany} [85]
Midge (Tom Midgley) {Stockton-on-Tees, UK} [1090]
Rolando Vallice {Amsterdam, Netherlands} [713]

Format: Artist Name (Real Name) {Location} [SoundCloud follower count]

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