Helioscope Discoveries No. 8

drombeg (Thomas Brookes) {?, Ireland} [241]
Analogue Dear (Sjaak Douma) {Rotterdam, Netherlands} [787]
I Am Just A Pupil (Josh Clark) {North Carolina, USA} [343]
Roly Porter {London, UK} [1107]
Dialect (Andrew PM Hunt) {NYC Brooklyn, USA} [95]
Atella (Johannes Hallanger, Kristiane Eldnes Hansen, Magnus Lauritzen) {Bergen, Norway} [911]
Private Agenda (Nick, Sean & Martin) {Berlin, Germany} [753]
Brassica (Michael Anthony Wright) {Folkestone, UK} [5075]
Laolu {Geneva, Switzerland} [1035]
Jona Sul {Brighton, UK} [96]
Haxxy {Dneprodzerzhinsk, Ukraine} [317]
Veeshy (Kaveesh Singh) {Brisbane, Australia} [379]
Dulcet (Cialin Templeton) {Sligo, Ireland} [92]
Fabian Kash {Stockholm, Sweden} [549]

Format: Artist Name (Real Name) {Location} [SoundCloud follower count]

Top gainers of the 7th edition:
Three Machines (+76%), 680
Akuratyde (+41%), 267
Lesh (+30%), 360
Wolves and Horses (+27%), 411

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