Henry Saiz features Turbobache mix “Howl into the Night” on El Laberinto

A milestone happened last night on the Spanish terrestrial radio station rtve.es. Natura Sonoris headhoncho, Renaissance and Balance compilation resident and tastemaker Henry Saiz supported my very own mix Howl into the Night on his weekly El Laberinto radio show. This marks the first volume of his Underground Mixtapes series. Maxthor aka Tentacle who I supported twice on the mix actually recommended my sub-channel Turbobache to him a few weeks ago, so I was aware of the imminent showcase.

Listen to the broadcast on the official website of Radio 3 website!

Howl into the Night
01 Opale – Sleepless [Lentonia]
02 Lane 8 feat. Patrick Baker – Ghost (Bwana Remix) [Anjunadeep]
03 Tentacle – Goliath [Natura Sonoris]
04 Chilly – For Your Love (Psychemagik Edit) [Psychemagik]
05 Jordan F – Our Destiny, Above Us [New Retro Wave]
06 Ki:Theory – Stasis (Cubicolor Remix)
07 Super Flu – Between ¾ Bars [Hommage]
08 Dialect – Ghost Of Red Hook [1080p]
09 Mr. Flagio – Take A Chance [Squish]
10 Hot Hot Hawk – Back To The Night City [Nang]
11 Chance – チャンス[Future City]
12 Roy RosenfelD & Guy Mantzur – Deeyo [Kompakt]
13 De Lorra – Le Chasse [Future City]
14 Jordan F feat. Le Cassette – Under the Sun [New Retro Wave]
15 Retröxx – Flatron [Future City]

Download the mp3 file here!

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