Henry Saiz plays Maxthor & Helioscope collaboration mix on El Laberinto

One of the more recent Turbobache cloudcasts which was also part of the 5 years anniversary has been supported by Henry Saiz on the Spanish radio station rtve. This is the second time Henry decided to use one of my mixes in his show. I’m really thankful for this huge exposure, since I myself am a loyal supporter of El Laberinto. The italo disco and synthwave sounds seem to hit a soft point in some people.
A genuine milestone for the Turbobache channel!

Nos adentramos de nuevo en el mundo de las mixtapes con una sesión que repasa clásicos de los 80 y música actual influenciada por esa década. Con motivo de la celebración de su quinto aniversario, el colectivo Helioscope ha invitado a varios artistas para que compartan su selección musical. En este episodio de El Laberinto escuchamos la mixtape del productor de synthwave e italo disco Maxthor.

El Laberinto 92 : Mixtapes: Maxthor
01 Harold Faltermeyer – The Running Man – Main Theme [Varèse Sarabande]
02 John Farnham – Break The Ice [Curb]
03 Billy Idol – Rebel Yell [Chrysalis]
04 Vince DiCola – Training Montage [Scotti Bros.]
05 The Midnight – Days of Thunder [Silk]
06 Pet Shop Boys – It’s A Sin [Parlophone]
07 Renegade – Threshold [Satan’s Circus]
08 Casal – Embrujada [Harvest]
09 Maxthor – Hunters
10 Desireless – Voyage Voyage [CBS]
11 Liar – The Ballad of Scorpio [Infinite Machine]
12 Client Liaison – Pretty Lovers [Dot Dash]
13 The Midnight – Daytona
14 Foreigner – Urgent [Atlantic]
15 Maxthor – Telepathic Love
16 Kristine – The Deepest Blue (Dance With The Dead Remix)
17 The Swiss – Kiss To Kiss (Pyramid Remix) [Kitsuné]
The 1-hour broadcast is available on the rtve.es website.

Listen to the full mix “5 Years of Helioscope : Maxthor” here.

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