Celebrating five years of Helioscope at Mixcloud

On September 3, Helioscope celebrated its 5th anniversary.
Joining me for this special occasion are SineRider, Neon Discharge, Maxthor, novitzkas, Fluence and Blugazer with guest mixes now available via the four different channels of Helioscope.

Starting off is yours truly with a 90-minute mix of recent favourites (not a classics set, saving that for later this year…).

Devin Powers (SineRider), as the first guest mixer, combines ambient classics by Odd Nosdam, KW Whitman and Brambles with the moody soundscapes courtesy of the Spanish Archives label.

Luis M. Deltell is better known as Maxthor and Tentacle not only made himself a Natura Sonoris household name during this past year, but he’s even part of Henry Saiz’s live ensemble now. He recommended Howl into the Night, named after one of his tracks, to Henry which was then syndicated with Spanish terrestrial radio. This guestmix here seems like a lost cassette from the 80s. A 29-tracker hand-picked by Luis and mixed by Helioscope/Turbobache.

Ryan Kopka (Neon Discharge) is co-host of the The Rainforest podcast which I’ve been contributing to a lot over the course of the past years. He’s got a passion for deep trance – a sub-genre which I admire a lot, too. Here’s Neon Discharge in the mix showcasing the likes of Filterheadz, Gai Barone, Faskil, Blank & Jones and more!

Mark Novitzkas (novitzkas) is on duty for the fourth set. He delivers a sublime selection of field recordings, subtle drum patterns, entrancing dub techno and ethereal ambient soundscapes. Definitely check out his miniscule series for similar mixes!

Responsible for the drum & bass selection is Jason Podsednik (FLUENCE) who masterfully merges artists and labels from every corner of the bass-driven sub-genre into one beautiful piece of liquid art.

Closing the celebration week is Jack Barille (Blugazer) with his stunning atmospheric-but-balearic progressive trance style featuring vocals by Catherine (Blue Symmetry) and The Cynic Project for his own productions and embellishing the set with tracks from the deeper shades of house music.

Image by : http://andrewshoemaker.deviantart.com/

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