6 Years of Helioscope : Halftribe

6 Years of Helioscope : Halftribe
01 Ben McElroy – Songs of Iceland [Audio Gourmet]
02 Polaroid Notes – Flowers and Butterflies [Audio Gourmet]
03 Illuvia – Isla Nocturnal [Eternell] *
04 A.r.t. Wilson – Rebecca’s Theme (Water) [Growing Bin]
05 omrr – Lunatics [dronarivm]
06 Polaroid Notes – Days of Our Lives [Audio Gourmet]
07 Wilson Tanner – Sun Room [Growing Bin]
08 Ed Carlsen – Spring [Moderna]
09 Mechanist – Loop A [Tehnofonika] *
10 Marcibagoly – Rainy Morning [Tehnofonika]
11 Tom Day – Talisman
12 Shuta Yasukochi – Izukohe [Archives]
13 Ben McElroy – The Children Danced in the Ash and Grey [Audio Gourmet]

Addendum by Planetarium
14 Jacob Newman – Suspended Summers [Carpe Sonum]
15 Purl – Cocoon (moshimoss Dub Remix) [Archives]
16 sine sleeper – Anthrazit [Traum]
17 bvdub – The Art of Dying Alone [Glacial Movements]

* previously played on Sinope (LL19)

Images by: http://instagram.com/katherineadavenport

Planetarium Mixes Catalogue ID: p156

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