Words of Redemption

Words of Redemption (Wo3)
01 William Ryan Fritch – Mechanized [Lost Tribe]
02 Aquilo – Waiting [Harvest]
03 Sthlm Falls – Idle [Strumming An A]
04 Fleet Foxes – Tiger Mountain Peasant Song [Sub Pop]
05 Rue Royale – Lunacy [Very Fine]
06 Rebekka Karijord – Home [Control Freak Kitten]
07 Henry Green – Stay Here [Akira]
08 Andy Shauf – Early to the Party [Anti-]
09 Axel Flóvent – Quiet Eyes [Epic Amsterdam]
10 Lorne – Bread Alone [Spinnup]
11 Erin Rae – Wild Blue Wind [The Refuge Foundation for the Arts]
12 Lucy Rose feat. The Staves – Floral Dresses [Communion]
13 Swan Levitt – Codeine [Organ]
14 Novo Amor – Colourway [All Points]
15 Maria Kelly – Torn into Two [Veta]
16 Julien Baker – Turn Out the Lights [Matador]
17 Sonia Stein – Symbol [Marathon]
18 Stu Larsen – By the River [Nettwerk]
19 Opus Orange – A Long December [Emoto]
20 Kim Janssen – Bottle Rockets [Snowstar]
21 Valdenan – My Heart Still Calls for You [Mango Alley]
22 Cicely Irvine – Takten [eilean]
23 Alaskan Tapes feat. Jay Rodger – Maybe
24 Ian Terry – Cut [Immortal Palms]

Images by: http://linsenschuss.deviantart.com/

Nutrients Mixes Catalogue ID: n024

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