The very essence of a supermoon night is captured in this new compilation of elevating nocturnal drones. “Perigee” (meaning the closest point between moon and earth) shines bright on the biggest contemporary talents in ambient and especially those who can convey the nocturnal feeling through their music. Also introducing 扎克, Ishq and Erder to the Planetarium roster.

Perigäum (P109)
01 Nils Frahm – Talisman [Erased Tapes] {00:00}
02 Hilyard – Inverted Horizon [Cryo Chamber] {03:54}
03 Mordançage – Once Forgotten [Facture] {11:00}
04 Ian Hawgood – 空 [Home Normal] {14:44}
05 Rafael Anton Irisarri – La Chica de Valladolid [Umor Rex] {17:51}
06 Cheekbone – Moon Night [Muzan] {23:35}
07 Warmth – Extent (Powlos Remix) [Archives] {28:37}
08 Ishq – Vhale [i7x] {32:31}
09 zarr. – Yugen [Stereoscenic] {36:20}
10 Anthéne – Loss [Metaphysical Circuits] {43:07}
11 扎克 – Radiance [Past Inside the Present] {52:40}
12 The Green Kingdom – Untitled (Warmth Remix) [dronarivm] {57:34}
13 Luis Miehlich with Erder – Observatory [Archives] {1:04:46}
14 offthesky – Becoming Clouds [Hidden Vibes] {1:11:23}
15 Glåsbird – Gunnbjørn Fjeld [whitelab] {1:16:51}
16 Billow Observatory – Color in the Six [Azure Vista] {1:23:01}
17 Billow Observatory – Soft Logic [Azure Vista] {1:28:46}

05 debuted in BOP18b
09 debuted in BOP18a

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Planetarium Mixes Catalogue ID: p228

2 thoughts on “Perigäum

  1. […] series welcome a new member to the family: Nox. In the vein of Planetarium mixes such as Widerhall, Perigäum and Nachtlandung, Silhouetten makes a foray into the nocturnal theme of which many sets will […]

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