A new chapter begins for Planetarium: Following the conclusion of the 117 episodes of the regular format, the water-themed Neptunian series and the earth-themed Geophon series welcome a new member to the family: Nox. In the vein of Planetarium mixes such as Widerhall, Perigäum and Nachtlandung, Silhouetten makes a foray into the nocturnal theme of which many sets will follow.

Silhouetten (Nox 1)
01 Hotel Neon – Fold [Past Inside the Present] {00:00}
02 Black Brunswicker – Quiet Boy [Past Inside the Present] {03:11}
03 Innesti – Hexagonal Galleries {08:54}
04 Jon Neher & Michael Scott Dawson – Be a Poem [Fenwood Rail] {13:42}
05 Hiemal – Descent {17:29}
06 Ian Hawgood – 土 [Home Normal] {27:06}
07 Sigur Rós – Sleep 3 [Krunk] {35:55}
08 ILUITEQ – The Sea at Night [TXT] {42:58}
09 Anthéne – Mirror [whitelab] {46:36}
10 Illuminine – Alas, Orpheus [Ferryhouse] {50:33}
11 offthesky – To Break Is Something Sacred [Handstitched*] {53:43}
12 Porya Hatami | Aaron Martin | Roberto Attanasio – Rêbendan [dronarivm] {1:07:14}
13 Chad Munson – Surface Tension, Pt. I [Muzan] {1:13:55}
14 Above & Beyond – Strength from Inside [Anjunabeats] {1:24:14}

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Planetarium Mixes Catalogue ID: p253

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