6 Jahre Planetarium : Stationary Travels

Brian Housman, curator of the Stationary Travels blog and Mixcloud channel, has been a key influence for my Planetarium sets for many years. I asked him for a submission to the 6-year anniversary of Planetarium (which happened last Friday on November 1) and he kindly put together an entrancing journey through the past six years of ambient music up to very recent releases. It’s an honour to have him back on the decks after the 6-year Helioscope celebration back in 2017.

6 Jahre Planetarium : Stationary Travels (Retrospektive 6, guestmix by Brian Housman for the 6-year anniversary of the Planetarium channel)
01 Jane Antonia Cornish – Seascapes I {00:00}
02 A Winged Victory for the Sullen – Sullen Sonata [Ninja Tune] {04:20}
03 Wil Bolton – Marram [Facture] {09:36}
04 Porya Hatami | Aaron Martin | Roberto Attanasio – Rêbendan [dronarivm] {18:23}
05 r beny – Seafoam and Dust {27:20}
06 Maxwell August Croy & Sean McCann – The Inlet Arc [Students of Decay] {31:02}
07 Bethan Kellough – Vision [Touch] {37:20}
08 Siavash Amini – What Wind Whispered to the Trees {41:52}
09 Tide Jewel – The Shape of Heaven Changes Every Time You Say My Name (Tomonari Nozaki Remix) {48:02}
10 Lee Yi – Safety Pins [Rottenman Editions] {56:55}
11 OHIO – Always [12k] {1:01:42}
12 Ian Hawgood – Of Fragile Water’s Path [Facture] {1:09:15}
13 William Ryan Fritch – VII – Time Curves So Subtly [Lost Tribe] {1:17:10}
14 Arash Akbari – Until Time Sits by Your Side [Soft] {1:20:43}
15 Willamette – End of Good Discipline [Scissor Tail] {1:28:26}

Previous appearances:
03 in 2 Jahre Planetarium.
04 in X1 (Silhouetten).

Image by: http://unsplash.com/@rluijtenant

Planetarium Mixes Catalogue ID: p259

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