I’m approaching the milestone of 600 mixes on this channel. After the next release (h600) called “Dream Chaser” scheduled for late May, I’ll be going on a longer hiatus with Helioscope, so this will be the last WBU episode for a while. My studio machine has been getting slower to the point where it’s now pretty much unusable for producing mixes. I’ve purchased a very powerful new one and I’ve decided to set up my entire music library and software from scratch. I’m aiming to return to the regular schedule before August. Helioscope Select subscribers, please consider subscribing to Planetarium instead which will continue releasing new mixes on a 10-day basis.

Worlds Between Us 40
Helioscope Mixes Catalogue ID: h599
Limited Select release on May 14, 2021
Wide release on June 30, 2021
Releases covered up to March 20, 2021
Image by : Pedro Gabriel

Start # Artist Title Album Year Label
00:00 01 Thomas James White Open Window The Deep Blue 2020 TJW
04:10 02 Breakfast Destiny Destiny 2019 EDM
09:40 03 Naden Begonia Fjords / Begonia 2020 EDM
14:10 04 Genix Giant Steps Giant Steps / Open Your Eyes EP 2020 Anjunabeats
16:55 05 LTN Quicksand (PROFF Remix) People I’ll Never Forget (Remixes) 2016 Enhanced Progressive
21:25 06 ARTBAT & Sailor & I Best of Me Best of Me 2020 Metaphysical
29:13 07 Ferry Corsten & Ruben de Ronde Bloodstream Bloodstream 2021 Flashover
34:03 08 Trance Wax feat. Moya Brennan Rivers Rivers 2021 Anjunabeats
38:44 09 Tony Anderson Immersion (Robert Nickson Remix) Immersion (Robert Nickson Remix) 2020 Pure Trance
44:27 10 Breakfast Somewhere Up There The Deep End 2019 EDM
50:41 11 Para X Awakening Awakening 2019 Regenerate
56:45 12 Alan Morris Tale of Light Tale of Light 2020 Subculture
1:02:53 13 Dezza A Dog’s Dream Cosmos 2019 Colorize
1:06:26 14 Avoure & Hexlogic Wonder Wonder 2020 This Never Happened
1:10:53 15 BT Never Odd or Even (Grum Remix) Never Odd or Even 2021 Black Hole
1:16:11 16 Tomas Heredia Gave U My Love Gave U My Love 2020 Anjunabeats
1:21:43 17 Rod Veldt Time (Ametrine Remix) Time 2018 PHW
1:28:08 18 Tom Day & Jake Lowe Hope Hope 2020 Peaks
1:33:39 19 Tony Anderson & Bonnie Brooksbank Bloom Bloom 2019 Tony Anderson

07 : Vocals by David Westmeijer

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