Hochsee, Pt. 1

After a hiatus during the second half of February, Planetarium is back in a slightly changed format: Since there’s (1) so much good ambient music out there and (2) my professional life requires my attention even more than in previous years, I decided to scrap the limit of twenty-ish tracks for one mix and instead tell a story of multiple chapters. For the first Neptunian story called “Hochsee” (high seas) I selected 66 tracks in total which fit the maritime theme well and split them into four chapters of equal length. Each part is its separate mix, but all are selected and arranged on the same day or weekend and listening to all chapters back to back as soon as they are released will definitely be the best listening experience. This first part is available to everyone from day 1 and a new part will be available in limited (Select) release every subsequent week. Wide release dates will be determined soon, but I plan to do more stories in this format for other series (Nox, Geophon, Jovian, Lumen) and I may use this release pattern for them as well.
I hope you’ll like this and you can rest assured that the quality of the selection is not deteriorating, I just need to finally play the hundreds of tracks in my library.

Neptunian 79, Pt. 1
Planetarium Mixes Catalogue ID: p353
Wide release on March 1, 2022
Releases covered up to August 1, 2021
Image by : Fernando Jorge

Start # Artist Title Album Year Label
00:00 01 Foxwood Birth of a Star Innocence 2021 Drift
03:14 02 The Stolen Orchestra God is Green Quiet Surrender, Vol. 1 2021 The Stolen Orchestra
06:22 03 Loneward Noctilucent Ambient Sleeping Pill 5 2021 Stereoscenic
15:38 04 Eternell Cove (Presence) Cove 2020 Eternell
23:35 05 Sufjan Stevens Meditation I Convocations 2021 Asthmatic Kitty
27:00 06 Kit Monteith Leaving Home (Flight Song #1) Audio-Cartographic Experiments Vol#1: Rise & Fall 2021 DDC
31:01 07 Vincent DiFrancesco Tide Tide 2021 Vincent DiFrancesco
33:24 08 Robot Koch Kassel The Next Billion Years 2020 Modern
37:43 09 Hollie Kenniff Some Day if Some Day Comes The Quiet Drift 2021 Western Vinyl
40:59 10 APvJ & Dave Griffiths Into Slumber Into Slumber 2021 Tweed Jacket
44:53 11 36 A Slow Lesson in Introspection Music for Isolation (Suite) 2021 3six
47:22 12 Tomasz Mreńca Uma Echo 2021 Kayax
51:32 13 Burning Pyre & Canadian Rifles Sterling Silver Draped Across Their Necks The Snipe & The Clam 2021 Eastern Nurseries
56:40 14 Jason van Wyk Light Burns Out Threads 2021 n5MD
1:00:19 15 Helios Crystal Crystal (Original Score) 2021 Unseen
1:05:12 16 Alex Somers Dim Siblings 2021 Krunk
1:09:56 17 Simon Goff Vale Vale 2021 7K!

12 previously appeared in Best of Planetarium 2021, Pt. 2

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