sonntrack (Planetarium Release Special 1 : Rival Consoles – “Sonne”)
01 Rival Consoles – Sonne [Erased Tapes]
02 Guy J – I Lost My Head (AM Mix) [Bedrock]
03 Exoplanet – If a Tree Falls [Particles]
04 Rival Consoles – Voyager [Erased Tapes]
05 Rival Consoles – Odyssey [Erased Tapes]
06 Christian Prommer with Beanfield – Where Is the Sun [Compost]
07 Weval – Something (Live) [Kompakt]
08 Caribou – Sinuses
09 Rival Consoles – Helios [Erased Tapes]
10 Rival Consoles – 3 Chords [Erased Tapes]

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Planetarium Mixes Catalogue ID: p020

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