Ardens Signum

Ardens Signum (Neptunian 06)
01 Matt Fax – Shift (Asleep Version) [Enhanced]
02 Goldmund – To Be Fair and True [Western Vinyl]
03 From the Mouth of the Sun – Path For Air
04 erissoma – Unique
05 SineRider – Moments Alone (Need a Name Remix)
06 Desolate Horizons – From Whence We Came
07 Patkus – Trot
08 Chasing Dreams – Take Me To The Lands Of Serenity [Chasing Dreams]
09 Helios – Yume [Unseen]
10 Goldmund – Sometimes [Western Vinyl]
11 Goldmund – In The Byre [Western Vinyl]
12 Richard Ginns – Losing Visibility, Passing By [eilean]
13 Ryuichi Sakamoto, Illuha & Taylor Deupree – Perpetual, Movement 3 [12k]

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