Best of Planetarium 2020, Pt. 1

As is tradition since 2012, Planetarium’s favourite picks of the last 12 months appear together in a compilation consisting of two extra-length mixes. This past year was particularly challenging to catch up to: The pandemic made plenty of artists spend much more time in their studios and Bandcamp, the primary platform to purchase ambient music from, introduced their fee-slashing fridays. At the moment, my inbox still has about 2500 unread notification mails about new releases sent since August 2020, mostly from labels and artists that I’m not following that closely (I try to cover my favourite labels and artists sooner in a “fast-lane” manner). Chances are high that I’ll come across some more obscure picks in the coming months (follow #PlanetariumRecommends on Twitter!). In any case, Planetarium has seen yet another healthy increase in followers and I’m happy that you keep listening to my mixes. Special thanks goes out to the Select subscribers who are eager to check out limited releases weeks in advance! Off to another, hopefully less depressing year at some point!

Best of Planetarium 2020, Pt. 1
Planetarium Mixes Catalogue ID: p320
Released on February 16, 2021
Releases covered up to December 31, 2020
Image by Dasha Kern

Start # Artist Title Album Year Label PAi
00:00 01 Jörgen Kjellgren Cádiz, Pt. 2 Invincible Summer 2020 Past Inside the Present N67
05:24 02 Eternell Imagined Distances Imagined Distances 2020 Sound in Silence
11:16 03 Andrew Lang Momentary Senses / Oulu Momentary Senses 2020 Rusted Tone
16:30 04 Dawn Chorus and the Infallible Sea Drala Liberamente 2020 Azure Vista
24:07 05 Jogging House Days be 2020 Seil N68
30:17 06 Benoît Pioulard with Pepo Galán & Karen Vogt Try to Be More Realistic Sustain Series, Vol. 1 2020 Ambientologist N68
33:46 07 Julianna Barwick Safe Healing is a Miracle 2020 Ninja Tune J8
38:30 08 Geotic Simothet Oxperls 2020 Basement’s Basement N67
49:48 09 Robot Koch Nebula The Next Billion Years 2020 Modern L7
53:33 10 Andrew Tasselmyer Dream States Associative Mechanisms 2020 Andrew Tasselmyer X6
57:02 11 Hotel Neon All is Memory All is Memory 2020 Facture
1:01:23 12 BLOMMA Finale BLOMMA 2020 Moderna G6
1:05:38 13 Slow Meadow Quintana (Solo Piano) By the Ash Tree 2020 Hammock
1:09:42 14 Merrin Karras Meridian Northwest Passage 2020 A Strangely Isolated Place X6
1:17:47 15 36 & zakè Stasis Sounds for Long-Distance Space Travel (Stage 1) Stasis Sounds for Long​-​Distance Space Travel 2020 Past Inside the Present X6
1:23:20 16 Steve Good Moon River Nothing is Ever Created or Destroyed 2020 Steve Good N56
1:30:23 17 zakè Passengers (Poemme Remix) Geneva 2020 Past Inside the Present G11
1:35:14 18 Geotic Elinted Oxperls 2020 Basement’s Basements L6
1:45:08 19 Ezra Feinberg Acquainted with the Night Recumbent Speech 2020 Related States G11
1:50:00 20 Sarah MacNeil Siar Northbay 2020 Crow Road G10
1:54:09 21 Pantha du Prince Lichtung Conference of Trees 2020 Modern G6
2:00:40 22 Caspian Circles on Circles On Circles 2020 Triple Crown G10

PAi = Previously appeared in a mix. Others will most definitely be included in a forthcoming Planetarium set.

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